We Take an Airboat Ride at Everglades Safari Park

One of the things we decided to do on our road trip through Florida was to visit the Everglades. What's the best way to see the Everglades? On an airboat of course! We picked the Everglades Safari Park as our choice for a boat ride.

Airboats at Everglades Safari Park

We have been on airboats before but this was a bit different. Since Everglades Safari Park is an officially licensed tour guide for the Everglades National Park they have to abide by the rules of the park. Don't expect high-speed thrill runs through the swamp. This is more of an educational outing. Awe heck, it is still a freakin' airboat so it's fun!

Everglades Safari Park guide

Peg on an airboat

We learned a little, saw some wildlife,  and I got goofy with a baby gator. The park seems to be struggling a bit and could use a little updating. But, it is still a nice stop if you are crossing the state on U.S. Route 41.

Bubba Harmon with an alligator

Everglades National Park alligator