Why I chose a gas furnace for Bubba's Garage

Should you install a heat pump or a gas furnace in your garage? While a heat pump may be cheaper it really can't handle the large swings in temperatures as you open and close the garage doors. In my opinion modern heat pumps, while much better than the older version, still do better at maintaining temperatures then getting you there. Also when it gets down below freezing the efficiency really drops. We have been very happy with our centralized propane fed gas furnace. If you go this route be sure you keep flammable vapors away from the furnace. Ours is separated from the work side of the shop and the heat ducted into the space. On days like today you will be glad you installed it!

Below Zero Temperature Reading

Exploring the Battery Trail - School House Ridge South, Harpers Ferry, WV

It warmed up just long enough for Peg and I to get out of the house and venture over to Harpers Ferry Battlefield for a walk. We decided to explore School House Ridge South. To the right of the small parking area, off of Millville Road, is what is called Courtney's Battery Trail.

School House Ridge South

Mammoth Site's Buy A Brick Program

Think of it as legal graffiti. A way to tag something that you enjoy. What am I talking about? How about charity "Buy a Brick" programs!  We just received a photo from the good folks at the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota of our brick that will be added to the entrance of their new learning center. If you would like to help out and buy your own tax-deductible brick just head on over to their website: www.mammothsite.com

Peg and Bubba support the Mammoth Site "Buy a Brick" program