What's at Smucker's in Orrville, Ohio?

The J. M. Smucker Company Store and Cafe is about all things Smucker's. It is basically a showcase of all the different company brands.  There is also a museum that tells the over 115 year history of the company.

Shopping at Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio

Lehman's, in the Heart of  Ohio Amish Country, has been selling non-electric, old fashioned products since Jay Lehman open the doors back in 1955. More than 30,000 square feet of buildings house this part shopping experience part  museum.  Should you go to this store?  Maybe our photos can convince you.

Traveling the Lincoln Highway - Day 6 Marshalltown, IA to Nebraska

We began our 6th and last day on our Lincoln Highway vacation in Marshalltown, Iowa. The Stones Restaurant sign can be seen from the 3rd Street viaduct although our restaurant of choice for breakfast was just a little further up the Lincoln named Taylor's Maid-Rite.

Stones Restaurant sign, Marshalltown, IA

Traveling the Lincoln Highway - Day 5 Rochelle, IL to Tama, IA

We woke to another day of gorgeous weather as we headed for Rochelle, Illinois along the Lincoln Highway. At the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Lincoln Highway we found a restored 1918 Standard Oil Station.

Standard Oil Station in Rochelle, IL

Traveling the Lincoln Highway - Day 4 Merrillville, IN to DeKalb, IL

Our first destination for our fourth day on the Lincoln Highway had us visiting the sweetest stop on the whole trip. The Albanese Candy Factory makes the best gummy candy in the world! Peg loaded up with enough sugar to carry us for the rest of the trip. Always look for the "A" on your gummy bear to know you are getting the best.

Albanese Candy Factory

Inside the National Auto and Truck Museum - Auburn, IN

The National Auto and Truck Museum, or NATMUS, is located in the former factory buildings of the Auburn Automobile Company. These buildings were used as a service center and for prototyping Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg automobiles. Now it houses a nice collection of various makes and models of cars and trucks.

National Auto and Truck Museum

Touring the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana

Every so often you come across a museum that really gets your emotions flowing; a car guy's paradise. This was how I felt after visiting the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana. The word "wow" was about all I could say when I stepped into the Art Deco Original Company Showroom on the first floor of the administration building.

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum's Art Deco Showroom

Traveling the Lincoln Highway - Day 3 Crestline, OH to Schererville, IN

Sunday (Easter Sunday) finds us traveling through the rest of Ohio and Indiana on the Lincoln Highway. Since most places are closed on Sunday we figure we would just take in the scenery for the day. We don't have to drive very long before finding Lincoln Highway history in the form of a pair of brick monuments honoring LHA Vice President Austin Bement and LHA Local Consul J. F. McMahon in Crestline, Ohio.

Lincoln Highway brick monument in Crestline, OH

A Tour of Mansfield Reformatory

We took a little detour during our Lincoln Highway road trip to visit The Ohio State Reformatory, better known as the Mansfield Reformatory, in Mansfield, Ohio. Over 155,000 inmates called this place home between 1896 and 1990. Now it is being restored and you can tour the grounds in season.

Mansfield Reformatory

A Visit to the Canton Classic Car Museum

What would a road trip on the Lincoln Highway be without visiting a car museum?  Just a few minutes off of the Lincoln is the Canton Classic Car Museum in Canton, Ohio. The museum is housed in a former 1914 Ford car dealership and displays car memorabilia, vintage cars, and a good dose of cheese.

The Canton Classic Car Museum

Traveling the Lincoln Highway - Day 2 Greensburg, PA to Mansfield, OH

Day two of our Lincoln Highway adventure would have us exploring 3 states and many miles. Our first stop had up in the early hours to walk the streets of Greensburg, PA and enjoy some of the old buildings in the center of the city.

Westmorland County Courthouse

Traveling the Lincoln Highway - Day 1 Chambersburg, PA to Latrobe, PA

We started our Lincoln Highway vacation just outside Chambersburg, PA following Route 30 at Shatzer Fruit Market. Here we encountered our first "Roadside Giant" of the Lincoln Highway, first painted gas pump, and purchased some homemade applesauce. This was a great way to start our long journey.

Lincoln Highway Roadside Giant - 1920 Seldon 1 1/2 Ton Pickup

Spring Cars and Coffee at Summit Point Motorsports Park

Summit Point Motorsport Park swung open its gates and allowed all forms of car nuts to pile onto the field for the Spring Cars and Coffee event. The gathering was hosted by Country Roads Car Club and the excellent coffee was provided by Black Dog Coffee. Summit Point has just recently started having these events and it is a great way to get to see some racing for free.

Summit Point Cars and Coffee