Do you go to Spring Carlisle?

The Spring Carlisle Collector Car Swap Meet, Corral, & Auction is held each year in Carlisle, PA. For 35 years this has been the place to go on the East Coast to hunt for that elusive part and to just get out of the house. This year I was flying solo. And, I didn’t really have anything I was shopping for but I still had a good time!


The great thing about Carlisle is that you can just walk the acres of vendors and just BS with everyone. People watching should be a sport at these gatherings. If you are looking for a new vehicle you may just get lucky here. You can find everything to fully restored ‘55 T-birds to rusty old ‘62 Ford F250 “Wanna-Be Mater” Wreckers.


I think the best time I had this year was chatting with Jeff Mihalko of Restoration Specialties. Jeff runs the Minibike Division at the shop. He also organizes the Minibike Reunion in Windber, PA. This year the reunion will be held on June 15-17.


I always tend to gravitate to the weirder items for sale at Carlisle but another favorite is more flair for Bubba’s Garage. You can always find original items but reproductions are much cheaper and look almost as good!



If you have never been to Carlisle here are a few tips for you. Arrive early since parking is a bear. It is better to go during the week because many vendors leave early on Saturday. Pace yourself; the Carlisle Fairgrounds are huge! Bring a cart or something to put your goodies in.  And most importantly, wear good shoes.

Fall Carlisle is October 3-7, 2012.

A Short Trip to Orange County Choppers (OCC)

If you are in the neighborhood, like we were, why not check out Orange County Choppers? The OCC Showroom and Retail store is a short drive off of I-84 or I-87 in Newburgh, NY. Take the 17K exit off of either interstate to their address at 14 Crossroads Court Newburgh, NY 12550.

OCC Retail StoreOCC Retail Store

We arrived at the 9am opening to only a couple other visitors. I do have to say the retail staff was very friendly and helpful. The store has just about any OCC branded item that is available for sale. The prices are a bit high so unless you are a huge fan of the show, you can probably find the gear elsewhere for cheaper. We managed to escape with Peg buying just one souvenir t-shirt. It doesn’t cost anything to just look around!

Orange County Choppers Yankees BikeOrange County Choppers Jets Bike

Orange County Choppers Lincoln BikeOrange County Choppers Fire Bike

Orange County Choppers Build-OffOrange County Choppers Livestrong Bike

Orange County Choppers Fallen Heroes Bike

Scattered about the showroom are a good number of themed bikes. I was a little surprised at how nice these bikes actually are up close. For the most part, they are kept clean and dusted. I found the Build-Off tracked vehicle very interesting to look at as well. There is a nice display with the Fire bike where you can get your photo taken if you forget your camera. (But don’t ever forget your camera!)

OCC ShopMike Ammirati at the OCC Shop

In the back of the retail area is a room with dark glass that you can peer into the workshop. It is kind of hard to see much since the main build tables are some distance away. We were there too early to see most of the crew. Mike Ammirati was there and Rick Petko road in on his bike as we were leaving.

We spent less than 30 minutes here so unless there is some sort of event happening I wouldn’t make it a destination stop. There was a sign hanging saying that OCC plans on opening a “cafĂ©” later this year so that may be a bonus.

What did you miss at the 2012 NE PEZ Gathering?

The 14th Annual Northeast PEZ Gathering was held in Stamford, Connecticut and it had to be one of the best yet! Why was it so special? This year’s PEZ convention included a special bus trip to the PEZ factory in Orange, Connecticut. So you had great people, great PEZ, a trip to the PEZ Visitor Center, and a rare factory tour! Peg is the real PEZhead in the family but I definitely enjoyed myself on this trip.

Richie BelyskiMary Hoethke

The first thing you need to do at any gathering is pick up your event package. Your package will contain lots of goodies and usually a limited edition convention dispenser. Richie and Mary, our fabulous hosts, were setup early to greet all the arrivals. We made sure to collect all our credentials because we would be on the first bus in the morning.

Room Hopping at NE PEZ GatheringPeter PEZ Costume

Ron JonesCow PEZ

French Mr. Men PEZ Dispensers

On Thursday, we had some time to catch up with friends and do a little room hopping before the night’s social event. You should really go to the swap party at night even if you don’t have anything to trade. Be social! If I can do it you can too.

NE PEZ Gathering Swap PartyNE PEZ Gathering Swap Party


Peg scored a set of the French Snow White Dwarves PEZ dispensers to go with her French Mr. Men after trading some cash. Is that cheating? I don’t usually do the mixed drink thing but I had to try the special PEZ-tini that the bartender was making for everyone. It was very good. Always try new things.

Richie BelyskiSign to the PEZ Visitor CenterShawn Peterson at PEZ

PEZ Visitor CenterPEZ Bush

The first bus left promptly at 8am. Richie was making sure everyone had their passes for the tour and the lanyards for the Visitor Center. The Visitor center is normally $5 to get in but it was included with our bus fee. Greeting us when we arrived was none other than Shawn Peterson. Shawn has written several PEZ collector guide books and he now works at the Visitor Center.

PEZ Visitor Center WallPEZ Benches

PEZ Visitor CenterPeg Harmon at PEZ Visitor Center

PEZ Visitor CenterFull Body PEZ SantasPEZ Guns

World's Largest PEZ DispenserPrince William and Catherine PEZ Dispenser

PEZ Vending Machines

We would be on the fifth factory tour for the day so we had some time to look around the Visitor Center before it got too crowded. There is a great collection of PEZ items throughout the brightly colored Center. There are PEZ benches, a PEZ themed motorcycle built by OCC, the world’s largest PEZ dispenser, PEZ guns, and just about everything PEZ has ever made on display. In the “vault” display you can even find the Prince William and Catherine PEZ dispensers that sold for over $13,000! Don’t forget to visit the lounge on the second floor where you will find other items like a collection of vending machines.

Buninton Stevens at PEZ

Peg Harmon, John and Linda Gliha at PEZNE PEZ Gathering Factory Tour

The factory tour isn’t usually part of the Visitor Center package; it was special just for the PEZ Convention. Buninton Stevens, who normally works in quality control at PEZ, would be our tour guide for the factory tour. Since they manufacture food in the form of candy at the factory, we had to all wear these stylish smocks and hats. One size does not fit all and I have more hair on my face than my head so I had fun with mine! I thought Peg was going to explode with joy as they transferred the huge containers of raw materials for the making of the actual PEZ candy. She’s so cute.

NE PEZ Gathering Factory TourNE PEZ Gathering Factory Tour

NE PEZ Gathering Factory Tour

While the factory in Orange, CT doesn’t make dispensers it sure does make a lot of candy. All the different flavors are made here and then packaged on several different machines.

NE PEZ Gathering Factory TourNE PEZ Gathering Factory TourNE PEZ Gathering Factory TourNE PEZ Gathering Factory TourNE PEZ Gathering Factory Tour

The candy packages are aligned and then added to the dispensers. On this line they were packaging Halloween dispensers including the new pumpkin for this year. We also saw them packaging the new Spiderman, Lizardman, and Catwoman dispensers. Because of licensing issues we could only buy the pumpkin and Catwoman.


The tour ended with a trip to the warehouse where we saw all the supplies to make the PEZ packaging and floor to ceiling racks of PEZ dispensers! It just went on, and on, and …. 8.5 million dispensers! The tour, while short, was fantastic!

PEZ Candy being made.

We headed back to the hotel. Not caring much for driving in big cities, Peg and I decided to walk and find someplace for lunch. We ended up at the Stamford Town Center and ate at Mitchell’s Fish Market. The atmosphere was relaxed and the food was excellent. Later that evening, PEZingo was played. Bingo type games don’t excite me much but Peg likes them. I crashed in the room with a pizza while Peg went on to win game six! Yay, Peg!


2012Apr20-NE-PEZ-GatheringJohn Laspina

Rick MarloweSilvia Biermayr

Linda Gliha Sells PEZ

Ah, Saturday morning. The Convention Floor Show is your last chance to find that special last deal. It’s fun to see all the dealers set up in one place rather than spread throughout the hotel. It’s also time to say goodbye to friends until the next big gathering.