More of the Fluffy Stuff

So, another weekend and another day of snow. Just a little over 6 inches fell on Saturday. This has been one of the snowiest winters that I can remember and we still have another month or so left.

Peopleclick It or Ticket

The Track (photo by Rush Hour Karting)

PeopleClick racers (photo by Rush Hour Karting)

Peg getting fitted for her helmet.

Peg's work, Peopleclick, sponsored a team building event near their headquarters in Raleigh, NC on Thursday. It was go-kart racing at Rush Hour Karting. Peg was real excited about it and by her text messages (OMG, this is FUN. What a blast.) I think she had a great time. Her team finished right in the middle of the pack; 5 out of 9 teams.

World of Wheels - Pittsburgh, PA

Windmills on the PA Turnpike

Peg snaps a photo of Bubba driving on the PA Turnpike.

1959 Oldsmobile Super 88

1933 Willys Coupe

Peg and I had a great time at the World of Wheels in Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday. It was a long trip but I took a few decent photos and as a bonus I finally found the coconut M&M's that I have been looking for for a month at a truck stop. They are tasty. Check out more of my photos over at MyRideisMe.

Good Kitty

Furball (aka Furby) hates it when I chase her with the camera. Smile Kitty! Smile!

A Picture is Worth...

I decided to go and purchase a Macro lens since I haven't had much luck taking Peg's jewelry pictures with my standard lenses. I bought a less expensive Tamron SP AF 60 mm F/2 Di II Macro 1:1. While I have only snapped a couple of hand held shots it does seem to be a good decision. The shallow depth of field looks like it is going to take some practice getting used to.

Posies and Kisses

Ken "POSIES" Fenical

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Baldwin Motion Custom Roadster

Hershey's Kissmobile

Peg and I took a trip up around Hershey, PA. First we hit the Posies Open House to check out their shop. Next we moseyed over to the AACA for an enjoyable time looking over their collection of antique cars, motorcycles, buses, and collectibles. We then hit a great little antiques and crafts shop in Hummelstown, PA called Olde Factory Antiques & Crafts. We scored a bunch of neat items including some PEZ. Not a bad Saturday at all.

Got My Eye on You

So it's a new year and we are trying to start a new tradition. While down in Disney World we learned about Daruma dolls on the Disney Yuletide Tour. Later in the day we ran over to the Japan area at Epcot and picked up a couple of the wishing dolls. You are supposed to make a wish/goal and then color in one eye. If you fulfill your goal then you draw in the other eye. Let's see (pun intended) if it works.