Beauty and the Beast


A heavy wet snow fell on the area yesterday afternoon and evening. The snow stuck to everything turning the world into a Winter Wonderland. This also gave me a chance to play with the toy I had purchased back in the summer. What a beast this bad boy is! The Craftsman model 88830 easily munched through 10+ inches of the white stuff. In just under 5 hours I was able to clear my street, clear half of the hill on the street next to me, and clear 4 driveways. The snow blower saved my back but my legs are not real happy with me right now.

This Weather is for the Birds


It is too cold outside to do much but I decided to sit in the sunroom and try to take pictures of birds. Actually I was trying to take pictures of birds in flight. This is harder than it looks. I shot close to 300 photos and wasn’t really happy with any of them. High ISO settings and shooting wide open to freeze the action made for photos that were not as sharp as I would like. I was using a Nikkor 28-300 on my D300. I am guessing I need to find a way to use a flash. I wonder if this would freak the birds out though.

Road Trip–Chambersburg, PA



Our Saturday road trip took us up Molly Pitcher Highway (Route 11) in Chambersburg, PA. The goal was to go to Trickling Springs Creamery to pick up some real milk; a couple gallons of whole milk and a quart of organic chocolate milk. The dairy produces the best milk around. On our way, we passed a Gibble’s distribution facility. It was too bad that all we were able to take away from there was a picture since they didn’t have a retail sales outlet. Probably the best stop on the trip was the Country Breeze Farm Market. This fantastic little market had all sorts of bulk items for baking and cooking. We took home some high gluten flour, mushroom popcorn kernels, lemon baking chips, Wilbur chocolate chips, a couple of dip mixes, and a bottle of Pennsylvania Dutch birch beer.  Our final stop was to check out Johnnies. Johnnies is a restaurant and service supply store. We couldn’t escape without buying a commercial grade frying pan and some Hershey’s chocolate Twizzlers. The trip was a great few hours of exploring. I just love picking a random destination and driving.

BG Customs Website Redesign Goes Live!


I finally got around to redesigning our business website. Eventually, we hope to be selling from there but for now it’s basically a business card so people can find us on the internet. You can check it out at Part of the redesign of the BG Customs website was to take a new photo of Peg and myself. I used a new lighting kit that I purchased back in December from Westcott. It worked pretty well. I also used my new Nikkor 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 lens. The fun part was setting my D300 to take a time delayed shot so I could scurry across the living room and get into position. Cute couple!