Open Sunday by Appointment Only

Kirk, a friend from work, needed some garage time to swap out the rear on his wife's Mustang. So, I opened up Bubba's Garage for him on a Sunday. We swapped out the axle fairly easily but didn't realize that the Mustang's rear caliper pistons rotate to depress. Oops. Well, looks like Bubba's Garage will be open next Sunday too! It has been a while since I have gotten that dirty in the garage so I absolutely enjoyed myself.

Wildlife Getting Bolder

Peg works from home and her office is in the sunroom. She is often interrupted by critters on the stair landing peeking into the house. This little guy seems to be asking for something. So she took his picture through the window.

What's Wrong with this Picture?

There is just something wrong with the universe when a cat takes a bath in a bird bath. Peg snapped this photo of our neighbor's cat, Boobear, cleaning up. We were wondering who kept tipping the bird bath over so I guess we know now!

Need a Vacation from our Vacation

We just got back from our vacation at Lead East in Parsippany, NJ and I am exhausted. Way too much happening up there. It was basically a non-stop party from Thursday to around midnight on Sunday. Lots of cars, good music, and blah food. Sure wish I had someone to pull me around in a wagon right now. Check out all our photos over at