Family Fun at IBC Car Show

It has been a long time since we have entered a car show. We did pretty well though. We each won a top 100 trophy at the IBC Car Show near Martinsburg, WV. Check out more pictures at Later in the evening, Peg took a trophy for Best Engineered at Cruise the Cliff in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Time Out to Smell the Flowers

Last year Peg decided we needed some color down by Bubba's Garage so we planted a section of wildflowers. They did real well last year and this year they came back. If you decide to stroll past the flowers just watch out for the Orks! This one is a digging Ork. We call him "Dork."


Taking some time out to enjoy the company of friends and to launch explosives into the air. Thanks to Kirk and Alison for hosting this event!

Traffic on the Way to the Garage

The trip down to Bubba's Garage was a little congested today. I had to pause to allow the cross traffic to continue across the path.