Attending the Waynesville Christmas Parade

Local businesses and organizations gather together each year to celebrate Christmas during the annual Christmas Parade in Waynesville, NC. This year all the available spaces were filled, and the parade lasted well into the night. What a great way to start the holiday season.

Waynesville, NC Christmas Parade

Building LEGO's Disney Castle

Okay, this is going to take some time to build. The LEGO Disney Castle has 4837 pieces and is 32" high! The instructions are easy to follow and, if you take your time, you should have no problems. We built ours over several days and absolutely love the results. There are lots of details, some of which you will never see after building the entire castle. 

LEGO's Disney Castle

NC Arboretum's Winter Lights

A trip to the North Carolina Arboretum is becoming one of our yearly holiday destinations. While the lights are not a large display, they are pretty and the event makes for a relaxing walk.  Joining us this year were my sister and her friend. Pile everyone in the car since the entry fee is based on vehicle not how many individual people go with you. 

NC Arboretum's Winter Lights