Baby needs some new shoes

My 2001 GMC Sonoma

Trick Trucks in Martinsburg, WV

The age of the tires on my 2001 Sonoma made their safety questionable. You really shouldn't be driving on tires older than 6 years and these were 10. I had my parts manager call up Trick Trucks in Martinsburg, WV and order a set of Nitto Invo 245/45ZR17 tires. So far these tires are pretty quiet and they stick like glue.

Updating the Jalopy

'48 Ford Tudor we call Super De

Ugly Dashboard

We are finally starting to update Super De to make it a little (read a lot) safer.  The current gauges are mostly mechanical which means there is gas and oil in the cab of the vehicle. Also, the gauges are hard to see. The steering column isn't secured properly and the AC doesn't work. We will be simplifying the layout and reducing the number of gauges to a third of what are installed now.

Let the Weekend Begin - Off to Spring Carlisle

Lots of Cars for Sale at Spring Carlisle

6 Foot Tall Carlisle Rooster for Sale

What an absolutely perfect start to the weekend! I headed off to Spring Carlisle with a couple of good friends to see if I could part with some of my hard earned cash. Carlisle was packed as usual but I was able to find a few good bargains on some tools and supplies. Many of the vendors I purchased from threw in freebies to sweeten the deal (you can never go wrong offering Bubba a free hat!). As much as I wanted it, the rooster did not follow me home. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had his sister for lunch as a sandwich. You really need a couple of days to get to all the vendors but one day of walking up and down the hills is about all I can handle. At least I went home smiling.

Just Hangin' Around

This little guy was just hanging out on a sunroom window screen when I returned from work.  I think the temperature got too cold for him and he hung out for a couple days. So long that I thought he died.  What do you do to dead critters? You poke them with a stick right? It was like a horror film in slow motion. His mouth slowly opened and his sharp teeth were exposed. Then he slowly closed his mouth again. Guess he was semi-hibernating in the open. Anyways when it warmed up, he was gone.

Stinkin' Hot

A cold winter with lots of snow and then temps in the 90's for the beginning of April? Crazy! Just Crazy!

The Changing of the Guard

Bubba's New 2010 Ford F-150 XLT

Peg's New 2010 Ford Taurus SHO

It was time for some new rides in Bubba's Garage. These replace the Mercury Montego and the Chevy HHR Panel Truck.

Bubba Bumper

Bubba Bumper

After totally getting frustrated with cheap crappy aftermarket headlights we decided to put back the originals onto the 2006 Ford Mustang. Now maybe I can see where I am going at night once again. Goofing around with the front bumper is way better than throwing tools through the wall!