GoGo Pony put out to Pasture

Our 2006 Ford Mustang GT convertible was purchased in December of 2005 for the Hot Rod Power Tour. We modified it with all kinds of speed goodies. I have driven it to speeds in excess of 120 mph but never once received a ticket. It was loud and bright. It did take us on two Hot Rod Power tours, won several trophies, and was the cause of numerous sunburns. I revved the engine one last time before handing over the keys. Now, it belongs to someone else. Hope they enjoy it.


Video – 2011 Dulles Day Pizza Eating Contest

We were on hand to cheer for our fellow co-worker Eltahir “Captain Slow” Eltahir, at the Dulles Day Festival during the Pizza Eating Contest sponsored by Famous Famiglia. Captain Slow’s  slow and steady pace was enough to earn him third place by devouring 9 large slices of pizza in ten minutes.

Video – 2011 Dulles Plane Pull – Team FGM


Team FGM competes at the Dulles Plane Pull

Peg and I joined Team FGM to compete at the Dulles Plane Pull charity event for Special Olympics Virginia on Saturday. This great event is held each year at the Dulles International Airport.


There were numerous aircraft on display as well as airport maintenance equipment and firefighting gear.


There was also a car show being held on the airfield. Both modern and vintage vehicles were represented.


The highlight of the day was the actual pulling of an 82-ton FedEx Airbus A310! Each team of up to 25 people competed to pull the plane 12 feet in the quickest time.


Team FGM, employees and friends of FGM, Inc. which is headquartered in Reston, VA, scored a respectable time of 13.125 seconds. Not too bad for our first time out.

Fastest Pulls:
1st Place- Chesapeake Sheriff's Office (7.493)
2nd Place- Fairfax Sheriff's Office (7.900)
3rd Place- NNSY (9.099)


Representing Team FGM in the pizza eating contest was Eltahir aka “Captain Slow”. His slow and steady pace earned him third place for eating 9 large slices of pizza in 10 minutes.

Everyone seemed to have a great time at the Dulles Plane Pull and we raised lots of money for Special Olympics.

A few more aircraft photos can be viewed over on our photo pages over at photos.bgcustoms.biz

Chopper Moving - Fun at Work

Today we did something a little different at work. Rick and I had to pack up the company chopper and get it ready for transport. This wasn’t an easy thing to do since it has been displayed on the 4th floor of the company headquarters for the last couple of years. Making matters worse was the fact that it doesn’t fit on the elevator with its front forks attached. We had to remove the frontend and then reassemble it on the first floor. After some grunting and pulling we managed to get it loaded.

From FGM, Inc.’s website -

FGM will be donating its custom chopper to the American Freedom Foundation at the 8th Annual American Freedom Festival being held in Fairfax, VA at the GMU Patriot Center on November 12, 2011. Currently displayed in the lobby of FGM’s Reston location, the 2005 Venom ProStreet blue and silver chopper was built from a Big Bear Choppers motorcycle kit by employees in honor of the company’s former president Bob Feeley, and has become a proud symbol of team building and hard work for the organization.




The Bubba Bus has been retired

After almost 11 years of service we have finally retired our 2001 Yukon XL 2500. We ordered The Bubba Bus in November of 2000 from the factory with the 8.1L motor and the towing package. For many years it served as the tow vehicle for our Jeeping trips. It was also the party vehicle for fish camp and neighborhood Christmas caroling. It hauled many home renovation supplies in its spacious cargo area and later in life served as the transportation vehicle for Peg’s jewelry business. The Bubba Bus will be missed.


2011 Thunder Over The Blue Ridge Airshow

Before the tragic event that cut short the 2011 Thunder Over The Blue Ridge Airshow, the show was a great experience. This year we decided to spring for the VIP tickets and the show organizers really did make us feel like VIPs. We had great parking on base, seats right on the flight line, and awesome food to snack on. If the show returns we will definitely be going this route again. I say “if” because there is some doubt whether or not it will be held again due to the crash that took the life of one of the performers. It would be a shame to lose such a great community event.

An early morning rain kept many away from the show which made walking around the field easier. But, the haze and gray skies made photographing everything very difficult.



A good number of static displayed aircraft were on hand to photograph and get an up close look including the 167th Airlift Wing’s C-5 Galaxies, a C-130 Hercules, KC-135 Stratotanker, and many other smaller planes.


The Hobby Hangar guys put on a great show with their RC aircraft.


Peg had good timing as she shot this photo of a parachutist during the opening ceremonies.


John Klatt took to the skies in his Panzl 330 aerobatic aircraft.


Jerry Wells always entertains us when he is flying his 1930’s Bucker Jungmeister.


Charlie Schwenker was tearing up the clouds in his Extra 300 monoplane.


Who doesn’t like the sight of a P-51 Mustang flying low in the sky? Scott Yoak was flying “Quick Silver” over the airfield.


Neil Darnell took an exhibition pass in his 12,000 horsepower 375mph Air National Guard Flash Fire Jet Truck.


Paul Jennings was flying his 1993 Swift S-1 glider.



The Trojan Horseman Flight Demonstration Team flew six T-28 Warbirds. The radial engines on these planes make a sound that makes you smile.

You can find a few more photos over on our photo website: BG Customs Photos.

T-28 Warbird plane crashes at Thunder Over the Blue Ridge

Tragedy struck the Thunder Over the Blue Ridge Air Show that was held on Saturday at the 167th Airlift Wing in Martinsburg, WV. The pilot of the T-28 Warbird, who was part of the Trojan Horsemen Flight Demonstration Team, died from the crash. An eerie silence fell over the crowd after the accident. People cried and hugged in an attempt to comfort each other. The sharp contrast between the shear joy of watching these awesome aircraft fly to the sudden sadness of witnessing the death of a pilot will not soon be forgotten by us. Life is too short; enjoy every day.

Photo of the pilot and aircraft that was lost on Saturday.

The Trojan Horsemen Flight Demonstration Team is a magnificent sight.

Seconds before the crash, the pilot performs a crossing maneuver with another aircraft.

The fiery aftermath of the crash.

Road Trip–Jefferson Pastry Shoppe

Our road trips sometime start as a craving. Our craving this week? Doughnuts! But, we didn’t just want a big chain doughnut. A quick internet search led us to the Jefferson Pastry Shoppe. Located at 3738 Jefferson Pike in Jefferson, MD, the Shoppe isn’t much to look at on the outside but it is what is on the inside that really counts. We loaded up on a dozen fantastic doughnuts, a half dozen of delicious cookies, and a couple of “just okay” flatbreads. If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth you should definitely try this place out.



3rd Annual Charles Town Car Show

We took time out on Saturday from doing chores to visit with friends and enjoy the Charles Town Car Show. This is the 3rd year that Charles Town, WV has shut down the main streets for this event. It is real neat to have the vintage cars parked along the historic city. One of these years we will have to enter one of our rides. Check out more of our photos over at our BG Customs photo site.