Controversy at the Dinner Table

Every year at my wife's Christmas family gathering we try to bring something different to the dinner table. This year, while I was perusing my large collection of dessert cookbooks, I found a recipe that was titled something funny. So, my contribution to the family dinner was "Nuns Breasts"! A cream filled pastry no less.

A Triple F Weekend

Friends, Food, and Fast Cars. We spent a great Saturday evening over at Trudy and Bill's home for a Christmas party. Trudy always does up the Holidays right with a fabulously decorated home. The inside of the house looks like something you see in one of those HGTV specials. After an awesome dinner we all made our way to the garage to see the progress of Bill's new project; a Monza Spyder. Can't wait to see this beast on the road. I don't do many Holiday parties but this is one that I am thankful to be able to attend.

Honest, I'm not a Perv

Hopefully my neighbors are used to me running around with a camera and a tripod by now. Every now and then I get the urge to photograph the moon. It's harder than you think! Tonight was a full moon mixed with clouds so I had to trek out into the cold. I am starting to figure it out but I still haven't been able to get the shot I want. Practice makes perfect.

Indoors Where it is Warm

So after being away from shooting car shows for awhile I was finally able to sneak away and take some photos. I almost turned back home because the roads were covered with snow and it was really windy. But, this would probably be my last chance for the year to do what I love.

The East Coast Indoor Nationals are held every year at the Cow Palace in Timonium, MD. Since it is an indoor show you can escape any nasty weather that is outside. The biggest problem with the building is the lighting is awful! I really need to get a good flash and a helper when I do these indoor shoots. Many of the photos I took were just not up to my standards; only a few were even acceptable. I did take a couple hundred shots and my legs are suffering from all the deep knee bends! Anyways, you can see a few more shots over at I guess the only way you get better is to practice.

Just Say No...

One of the fun things I love to do to our cat, Furby, is give her catnip (or as I like to call it "cracknip") and then laugh hysterically as she rolls around and makes funny faces and sounds. I am easily amused. The first one is free kitty....

Open Sunday by Appointment Only

Kirk, a friend from work, needed some garage time to swap out the rear on his wife's Mustang. So, I opened up Bubba's Garage for him on a Sunday. We swapped out the axle fairly easily but didn't realize that the Mustang's rear caliper pistons rotate to depress. Oops. Well, looks like Bubba's Garage will be open next Sunday too! It has been a while since I have gotten that dirty in the garage so I absolutely enjoyed myself.

Wildlife Getting Bolder

Peg works from home and her office is in the sunroom. She is often interrupted by critters on the stair landing peeking into the house. This little guy seems to be asking for something. So she took his picture through the window.

What's Wrong with this Picture?

There is just something wrong with the universe when a cat takes a bath in a bird bath. Peg snapped this photo of our neighbor's cat, Boobear, cleaning up. We were wondering who kept tipping the bird bath over so I guess we know now!

Need a Vacation from our Vacation

We just got back from our vacation at Lead East in Parsippany, NJ and I am exhausted. Way too much happening up there. It was basically a non-stop party from Thursday to around midnight on Sunday. Lots of cars, good music, and blah food. Sure wish I had someone to pull me around in a wagon right now. Check out all our photos over at

Combining Hobbies for a Perfect Saturday

Peg and I spent an enjoyable evening at the Lions Club Cruise-In in Bunker Hill, WV. We set up our tent and Peg sold her jewelry as BG Customs while I checked out the cars on the lot. Some more photos of the cars can be found on our website

Family Fun at IBC Car Show

It has been a long time since we have entered a car show. We did pretty well though. We each won a top 100 trophy at the IBC Car Show near Martinsburg, WV. Check out more pictures at Later in the evening, Peg took a trophy for Best Engineered at Cruise the Cliff in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Time Out to Smell the Flowers

Last year Peg decided we needed some color down by Bubba's Garage so we planted a section of wildflowers. They did real well last year and this year they came back. If you decide to stroll past the flowers just watch out for the Orks! This one is a digging Ork. We call him "Dork."


Taking some time out to enjoy the company of friends and to launch explosives into the air. Thanks to Kirk and Alison for hosting this event!

Traffic on the Way to the Garage

The trip down to Bubba's Garage was a little congested today. I had to pause to allow the cross traffic to continue across the path.

Just Too Hot

It was just too darn hot at this year's Street Rod Nationals East in York, PA. There were plenty of car and trucks to look at during the event. The buildings were packed with people trying to escape the heat while viewing what the vendors had to offer.

Our '48 Ford really needs a tune up; it's running rough. Also since the car doesn't have air conditioning, anything less than highway speed was brutal. We still had fun and also the best strawberry shortcake I have ever had during lunch. Check for more photos.

Concours d' Elegance of the Eastern US

There is something about being mere inches away from exotic cars that gets your adrenaline flowing. We were lucky enough to do so this weekend at the 19th Concours d' Elegance in Bethlehem, PA. Not only were there supercars but all manner of rare (and not so rare) vehicles to gawk at. This was one of the most memorable shows I have been to in quite some time. Check out more pictures at or later in the week at

Picking Up Rocks

Took some time out to drive down to the Morefield Mine near Richmond, VA. This mine is open to the public (in season) as a "pay-to-dig" operation. Basically they mine underground then bring the rock up to the surface and spread it around for everyone. Had lots of fun but it got crowded in the afternoon. Didn't fine anything great but did fine some decent amazonite. They are trying to sell the mine so this may be one of the last weekends to dig.

WERA racing at Summit Point

If you have never seen motorcycle racing in person you really are missing out. I attended the WERA event for the first time at Summit Point Motorsports Park in Summit Point, WV and all I can say is "wow"! These guys hurl there bikes around corners and down straight aways at ridiculous speeds. And the noise from these things made my ears felt like the were being attacked by angry hornets. I felt my heart pounding and the adrenalin flowing and I wasn't even racing.

Monkeying Around

We just adopted a monkey at the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo. His name is Ragu and he his a Brown Capuchin Monkey.

At Bubba's Garage we are always monkeying around so this seemed to be an appropriate mascot for us.

Hello World

Wow, this web stuff takes some work. In the process of redesigning our website I decided that I should create a blog. And why not? So it's time to get with the times. Everyone is doing it right?