Classics at Atlantic City - An Auction, Car Show, and Swap Meet

The Bubba's Garage crew piled into the car to make a road trip out to Atlantic City, NJ for GPK Auction's Atlantic City Classics Car Show and Auction. While we didn't register as a bidder we figured we would at least see what was going on and maybe pick up a project from the car corral.

1951 Hudson at the Atlantic City Classics Car Show and Auction

PEZ Collecting - Feeding the Obsession

PEZ has been around since way before my time. It started in Vienna, Austria as a breath mint for adults in 1927. The name came from the first, middle and last letter of the German word for peppermint - PfeffErminZ. My obsession started in the last century, with a 'PEZ Collectors Starter Kit' my hubby brought home from a holiday gift exchange at work.

Vintage PEZ on a shelf

Grabbing Lunch at the Reading Terminal Market

Located just across the street from the Philadelphia Convention Center is one of the best places to get lunch or pick-up some munchies for a road trip. The Reading Terminal Market has been open since 1892 and is now owned by the Convention Center. There is a large variety of vendors who sell at the market. If you have the patience to stand in the large lines you can get a cheesesteak from Carmen’s Famous Italian Hoagies & Cheesesteaks or maybe a hand-carved pastrami sandwich from Hershel’s East Side Deli. Don't like the lines? Sneak to the back of the market to have yourself the best grilled cheese sandwich in the state at Valley Shepherd Creamery & Meltkraft Grilled Cheese. Make sure you try it fried in duck fat!  Yum.

Old and New Meet at the Philadelphia Auto Show

More than 700 vehicles were spread out in the 700,000 square feet of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. While most people were there to see what the latest offerings from the major auto manufacturers were, vintage cars were also on hand from different museums as well as customs from the DUB Show and Carlisle Events.

Philadelphia Auto Show