The Kitties are Here!

After a very long wait, our kitties are finally home! Princess Gumdrop and Princess Jujube are sisters and were both born on May 6, 2019. They are adorable British Shorthair kittens. Gumdrop's color is blue while Jujube is lilac. We brought them home from Charlotte, North Carolina. Let the sleepless nights commence!

Jujube and Gumdrop - British Shorthair kittens

A Trip to Elevated Mountain Distilling Company

No visit to the Waynesville, North Carolina area would be complete without a trip to the Elevated Mountain Distilling Company for some moonshine/whiskey.  This fine establishment is located just a short drive away in Maggie Valley. For a small fee, you can enjoy a tasting of all their products. I took my sister Terry and her friend Lisa while they were visiting. They were troopers and threw back a few samples. Lisa even gave Willie Elkson a ride!

Elevated Mountain Distilling Company