Let Them Eat Cake!


What would a birthday be without cake? Peg totally out did herself for my 44th Birthday. She had Teri Hooks of Teri’s “Cake Creations” create a wonderful Bubba themed cake. The wheel and tire is a replica of what’s on my ‘48 Ford Tudor street rod. The chimp tasted like a tootsie roll. Toss around a couple of oily rags and you have Bubba’s birthday cake!

Monkeying Around


At the garage, we are crazy about all things chimp and monkey. So, I was thrilled to open up a package from my good friend Cherry to discover she had taken the time to knit me this fabulous monkey. This little fella, an early birthday gift, had me smiling all day. Thanks, Cherry!

Rain on the Mountain



Well Mother Nature tried real hard yesterday to wash the mountain away. It was a scary couple of hours as logs and stumps floated down the main road by the garage. We spent a couple of cold and wet hours clearing debris and unplugging drain pipes in the raging waters. The runoff rose to within a foot of the garage but luckily we had built it with drainage in mind. After I surveyed the damage this morning, I felt we were lucky. We lost about a foot of road at the garage entrance and I’ll be fixing the damage in the yard from the erosion for a long time. But, the buildings look okay and the sun is out now. The flowers of spring are popping proving that the mountain survived.