Our First Day at Key West

We began to worry as we drove through the middle keys and all the remanents of the devastation that was Hurricane Irma. Luckily, this was short lived anxiety. By the time we arrived in Key West, Florida, all the roads were clear and there were only a few signs that the hurricane had passed through here only a few months earlier. It was time for some vacation Key West style. Our first bit of business after checking in to our hotel was to head over to Mallory Square to partake in the sunset party.

We were entertained by the birds around the square. This one pelican strutted up and down the dock while we sat and watched the ocean. Oh, and the chickens and roosters are a hoot!  They run freely over the entire key.

A decent size crowd had gathered as the sun began to go down.

Many sailboats began leaving the dock for a sunset cruise.  This gave us a great opportunity to watch as they sailed by.  Beautiful and relaxing. If you want a seat near the water's edge, be sure to arrive early.

When the sun went down, we shopped our way back, on Duval Street, to our hotel. By now the Christmas lights were on and it made the walk that much more enjoyable.