White Stuff

Just a little under 2 feet of snow fell on us today. Kind of weird for December. Pretty.

Photo Time

Even though I said I wasn't going to take any photos on this trip we ended up using the little point-and-shoot camera quite a bit. We stayed at the Boardwalk Inn and visited all the major parks at Walt Disney World. Being on the Premium Plan meant that we ate too much and did way too many things for this middle age couple. It was a blast and the tours (we did 5!) taught us a few things as well. You can check out a few of the better photos over at Peg's Flickr site: Pez4Peg

Santa Came Early

So I am down at the mailboxes and there is an unexpected package waiting. "Cool!" I said to myself; I love surprises. I jump back in the car and drive home smiling. I gently squish the large envelope trying to guess its contents. No luck. Okay, open it already! Inside I find that my good friend Cherry has made me an awesome ornament hat. Funny thing is I remember her talking about doing an ornament exchange earlier in the summer but nothing else was said about it. Ha! Never thought I would end up being the ornament. Thank you, Cherry. You rock!

I Need a Vacation from my Vacation

Peg and I are back from our Walt Disney World vacation. I am super tired but happy! Look for more photos and words to follow in the next few days.