Touring the Southern Vintage Trailer Friends' Show

We took a ride over to Stonebridge Campgrounds in Maggie Valley, North Carolina for a bit of a different type of show. The Southern Vintage Trailer Friends were holding their "Fall Into Vintage Trailer Rally" and opening up their trailers to the public.

Bridges of Greenville County

While driving to Greenville, South Carolina we always notice a little sign on the road pointing out the direction to a covered bridge. Today we decided to follow that sign to see where it lead us. After a few miles, we were at a small park and Campbell's Covered Bridge.

Campbell's Covered Bridge

Visiting the Cataloochee Valley to see Elk

One of the best spots to watch elk in North Carolina is the Cataloochee Valley. You are almost guaranteed to see these beautiful creatures if you are there at sunrise. Just remember to keep your distance as they are wild animals and, while rare, can inflict great harm on you. Here are a few photos from a recent trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

A visit to the Tennessee Valley Railfest

We piled into the car to make a road trip to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for the Tennessee Valley Railfest. Our main interest was to ride their steam locomotives. TVRM would be running Southern Railway 4501 (2-8-2 Mikado) and Southern Railway 630 (2-8-0 Consolidation) during the weekend event.

Southern Railway 630 (2-8-0 Consolidation)

Photos from the Muscadine Balloon Fiesta

We took a road trip out to Tsali Notch Vineyard in Madisonville, TN for the Muscadine Balloon Fiesta. The morning started out soggy and windy which kept the balloons grounded but there was enough happening to be entertained until the evening. Just before sunset, the winds calmed and the skies cleared.

The PEZ Cube on the Tail of the Dragon

We try and take the backroads when traveling as much as possible. Sometimes we get lucky and drive famous stretches such as the Tail of the Dragon, US-129 near Deals Gap, North Carolina. Bonus! is there most days to capture photos of your drive.

Bubba and Peg drive the PEZ Cube on the Tail of the Dragon