A Visit to the Lane Motor Museum

 There is no denying that the crew at Bubba's Garage likes wacky cars. One of the best museums to get your little car fix at is the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. The museum boasts that they have "the largest European automotive collection in the U.S." This collection includes many one-of-a-kind odd balls that you will find no place else. 

Lane Motor Museum

We went to See Rock City

 Have you ever seen one of those barns that has "See Rock City" painted on the roof? Or maybe one of those many birdhouses, painted in red and black, with the same words? Well, we decided to take a road trip to Lookout Mountain just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee to "see" for ourselves what all the advertising was about.

Rock City

Riding the Rails with Andrews Valley Rail Tours

 Once again, we found ourselves on the old Southern Railway's Murphy branch near Andrews, North Carolina. This time it was for opening day with Andrews Valley Rail Tours and the first official ride with their new railbikes. We were the only ones for our trip which departed from the Historic Andrews Depot. 

Andrews Valley Rail Tours

22nd Annual Asheville Orchid Festival

 We stopped by the North Carolina Arboretum for the Western North Carolina Orchid Society's 22nd Annual Orchid Festival. There were all kinds of shapes and colors of orchids to be seen. Various orchid related items and plants were also available for purchase. It was a very nice show and one we will attend again in the future.

Asheville Orchid Festival

We visit The American Museum Of The House Cat

The American Museum Of The House Cat was re-opening in their new location so we thought we would go check out the museum.  Like its subject matter, the museum is rather small. It's a fun little stop if you like cats. Be aware there are a few displays on the morbid side like a mummified cat as well as a petrified feline. If you are in the area, it's worth a stop but not really a destination. 

The American Museum Of The House Cat

Say Cheese, Sweetwater Valley Farm

 Who doesn't love a good cheese? Last year we found a cheese brand that we loved so we decided to take a road trip to the farm that produces it. Sweetwater Valley Farm is located in Philadelphia, Tennessee (Southwest of Knoxville). The little cafe sells awesome grilled cheese sandwiches and makes the best milkshakes. You can also stock-up on the many varieties of cheeses that they produce. Bring your cooler!

Sweetwater Valley Farm

Commissioning a Disney inspired sign by Raymond Kinman

 It's here! And it is beautiful. We discovered a woodcarving artist who has done pieces for Disney. Being Disney freaks, we loved his style. So, way back on August 3, 2021 we decided to commission Raymond Kinman to do a carved sign for our living room. The 18-month wait was well worth it!

Bubba and Peg Harmon

Trip to the Hub City Railroad Museum

 We took a little road trip to check out the Hub City Railroad Museum in Spartanburg, SC. While small, the museum is well taken care of and has some educational value. It is housed in the former Southeastern Express building that was erected in 1915. 

Hub City Railroad Museum