A Visit to the Lane Motor Museum

 There is no denying that the crew at Bubba's Garage likes wacky cars. One of the best museums to get your little car fix at is the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. The museum boasts that they have "the largest European automotive collection in the U.S." This collection includes many one-of-a-kind odd balls that you will find no place else. 

Lane Motor Museum

The Lane Motor Museum is a fantastic little museum. The displays are swapped around all the time as they have more cars than will fit on the display floor. What is really neat about the collection is almost all of the vehicles are in running condition! At 11:00 AM every day they start something up for a demonstration. 

Don't forget to drive around back to see the museum's 1959 Army LARC-LX. This thing is massive. For scale, I am 6' 5".

Bubba Harmon next to a 1959 LARC-LX - Lane Motor Museum

More photos from our trip can be found over on our photo site: Bubba Harmon Imaging