Inside the National Auto and Truck Museum - Auburn, IN

The National Auto and Truck Museum, or NATMUS, is located in the former factory buildings of the Auburn Automobile Company. These buildings were used as a service center and for prototyping Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg automobiles. Now it houses a nice collection of various makes and models of cars and trucks.

National Auto and Truck Museum

National Auto and Truck Museum

National Auto and Truck Museum

Cars and trucks are grouped together under the large expanse of the Auburn buildings. The open skylights and windows allow for decent viewing on the upper level.

National Auto and Truck Museum

National Auto and Truck Museum

National Auto and Truck Museum

The main draw for me were the trucks scattered on the main floor and in the basement. None were more colorful than this restored 1936 Ford Model 68 Coca-Cola truck.

1936 Ford Model 68 Coca-Cola truck

Quirky offerings the day that we visited included vehicles such as 1931 Twin Coach and a 1970 Checker Aerbus.

1931 Twin Coach

1970 Checker Aerbus

Do you like 4x4s?  Check out this 1958 Studebaker 3E6 4x4 truck.

1958 Studebaker 3E6 4x4 truck

While looking at this 1911 Kirsch that has been painted to resemble a police paddy wagon I had visions of the Keystone Cops running through my head.

1911 Kirsch - Police Paddy Wagon

Did you know Buick built trucks?  This was Buick's first truck. It is a 1910 Buick Model 2.

1910 Buick Model 2.

Other early model trucks on display included a 1919 Vim Type S21, 1918 Oneida Model C, and a 1911 IHC Auto Wagon Model A.

1919 Vim Type S21

1918 Oneida Model C

1911 IHC Auto Wagon Model A

Tanker trucks on display included this 1950 GMC FC-253 converted into a propane truck and this 1948 Diamond T Model 306.

1950 GMC FC-253

1948 Diamond T Model 306

When at a car show or a museum, Peg and I always like to come up with what our favorite vehicle was. Rarely do we ever agree but this time it happened. Our favorite of the museum was the 1941 Crosely 390 pickup towing a mini dozer.

1941 Crosely 390 pickup

The National Auto and Truck Museum in Auburn, IN is a nice low-key museum to spend a couple of hours at browsing their collection. It may not be as fancy as its high class neighbor, Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, but you still do not want to pass it up.


  1. Hello from Newton KS! for some reason today I got to thinking about the 1950 GMC 1 ton propane delivery truck my dad and I restored in the 80's, wondering where it ended up at and "how she was doing"? So I went to google images and lo & behold....there she is looking just like it did the last time we saw her! Man, it is good to have found you! I'll have to look up where Auburn IN is...I have cousins in South Bend/Elkhart area. If you can tell me any info as to any happenings since you acquired her, I would be glad to tell you any info on her that I remember!

    1. Hey, Bruce. The museum actually owns the truck, not me. You will need to contact the museum directly for more information. Good luck.