Do Bears Do It in the Woods of Ketchikan, Alaska?

If you are cruising to Alaska, one thing you will undoubtedly want to see are bears. While cruising on the Norwegian Pearl we chose our stop in Ketchikan, Alaska to pick a shore excursion for bear watching. Early August is a fantastic time for bear watching as the bears are gorging themselves on the spawning salmon and they don't pay too much attention to you. "Bear Country & Wildlife Expedition" held in the nearby Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary will provide you with a good opportunity to watch as they feed.

Black Bear in Ketchikan, Alaska

A series of elevated platforms in the trees, connected by suspension bridges, will provide your best chance to see bears. These platforms keep you at a safe distance from the bears.

Observation Platform at Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary

Watching Bear During the Bear Country & Wildlife Expedition

Peg on a Suspension Bridge at the Bear Country & Wildlife Expedition

We weren't on the trail more than ten minutes when we spotted our first bear. Soon after that we spotted a mamma and her cub. And, they just kept coming. The excitement was almost too much to handle.  Trying to keep your camera steady with a long lens in the dark rainforest is rough. It will take all your skill to come out with a few good shots. Be sure to take the time to enjoy yourself and not be stuck behind the viewfinder. Memories are more important than a photo on your wall.

Black Bear at Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary

Black Bear Cub in a Tree during Bear Country & Wildlife Expedition

Mamma Bear Eating Salmon in Ketchikan, Alaska

After your stay on the elevated platforms you move to the boardwalk which runs along the wetlands of Eagle Creek. There is a good chance that you will see more bears here as well as salmon, eagles, and maybe a seal or two.

Black Bear in Eagle Creek

Salmon in Eagle Creek Ketchikan, Alaska

Black Bear along Eagle Creak in Ketchikan, Alaska

You will also have the opportunity to feed a reindeer and see recovering raptors during your visit to the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary.

Peg Feeds a Reindeer in Ketchikan, Alaska

A Recovering Owl at the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary

Bald Eagle at the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary

And if all that wasn't enough there is a native totem carver who works out of the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary. Wayne Hewson and his wife create wonderful pieces, some of which are displayed at the sanctuary.

Painting at Salmon Totem during Bear Country & Wildlife Expedition

Totem Poles at Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary

The Bear Country & Wildlife Expedition in Ketchikan, Alaska is a fantastic Cruise Ship excursion. Bring your camera (and bug spray for the No-See-Ums!) and enjoy your stay.  More photos from Ketchikan, Alaska can be seen over at our photo website. BG Customs Photography