Bubba Goes to Seattle - Pike Place Market

For my first visit to the West coast I ended up in Seattle, Washington. Peg and I took a non-stop flight early in the morning from Dulles International Airport near Washington, DC.  Once on the ground we dropped our bags at the hotel and we were off to explore the city. It didn't take long for us to find the famous Pike Place Market to get some good munchies. Farmers and crafters have been selling at this site since August 17, 1907.

Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington

View from The Inn at the Market

This place is absolutely packed on the weekends. If you are scared of crowds you may want to save your trip for a weekday. But, there will be far fewer vendors as well.

Pike Place Market

The crowds at Pike Place Market

The selection of flowers at Pike Place Market is unbelievable! The prices are rock bottom as well.

Flower vendors at Pike Place Market

You can always find street musicians playing at the market. Drop a buck or two in their box if you have enjoyed the entertainment that they provide. Seattle seems to have a lot of starving musicians.

Street musicians at Pike Place Market

Not only are the street performers entertaining but so are many of the vendors. Probably the most entertaining are the fish mongers at Pike Place Fish Market. Both the jokes and the fish are always flying at their fish stand.

Fish Mongers at Pike Place Fish Market

You can find a lot of strange stuff at the market. One of the strangest has to be the Market Theater Gum Wall. Said to have started in 1993, people have been sticking gum to the walls of this alley making it Seattle's germiest tourist attraction.

Market Theater Gum Wall in Seattle, Washington

Market Theater Gum Wall in Seattle, Washington

I may not be a fan of big cities but I would have to say Pike Place Market is a very good starting point for any vacation in Seattle, Washington.