Hot Rod Power Tour - Day 2 - Springfield, IL

Bubba and Sam Memmolo

Hot Road Power Tour - Downtown Springfield, Illinois

Fellow cruiser on the highway

Peg gets some seat time on the Hot Rod Power Tour

Retro room at the State House Inn in Springfield, IL
After the rains over night, day 2 of the Hot Rod Power Tour had us driving to Springfield, Illinois. Photographing in the midday sun is brutal. By using a circular polarizer you can cut down on much of the glare but colors still tend to wash out. Vacations are a great time to learn new skills and shooting moving cars while driving down the highway is a blast. A  wide angle lense allows you to get good shots with cars in the next lane. Once we were in Springfield, I had to do some more celebrity stalking. I was able to get a photo with Sam Memmolo of "Two Guys Garage" on the Speed Channel. The Hot Rod Power Tour Rocks! They closed down the entire downtown of Springfield, IL to accommodate the tour and it was a zoo. Traffic was rerouted everywhere. Luckily we stayed within walking distance to the event at the State House Inn. The hotel was renovated in 1960's period correct furniture and stylings. I hate big cities but this place made me smile. And it is right across the street from the state police building so I felt a little safer.