Hot Rod Power Tour Day 5 - And then the rains came

Hot Rods in the Rain

Butterfly at the Chattanooga Aquarium
Bubba pretending to be a fish

Well we were bound to have a rain day. Most of the day Wednesday it rained.  We had a few hours were it didn't but we decided to cut our losses and go play at the Chattanooga Aquarium. And what a great decision this would be. The aquarium is actually two buildings with different exhibits. They even have a mesmerizing butterfly room. It was sort of freaky to have all these colorful butterflies floating around you. In a different part of the aquarium, while no one was watching, I squished myself into one of the kid displays where you could be inside the aquarium. Always take time out to play.  For dinner we had the "Magical Mystery Tour" pizza at the Mellow Mushroom just up the street. Yum!