The Haines Shoe House - A Curious Place near the Lincoln Highway

If you are ever driving the Lincoln Highway (state route 462) or Rt 30 outside of York, PA be sure to stop for some ice cream at the Haines Shoe House. Located at 195 Shoe House Rd in Hallam, PA, it was built by Colonel Mahlon Nathaniel Haines in 1948 as an advertisement for his over 40 Maryland and Pennsylvania shoe stores.

The Haines Shoe House

The new owners, Jeff and Melanie Schmuck, sell delicious Beck’s Ice Cream and Mellie’s Makery treats out of a small retail space located in the heel of the shoe. You can even take a guided tour of the 25' tall, 48' long, and 17' wide house for a small fee. The tiny inside has 5 levels and contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. Everywhere you look is some sort of shoe imagery.

Sign for The Haines Shoe House

The backside ofThe Haines Shoe House

Even the doghouse is shaped like a shoe!

Doghouse in the shape of a shoe

The day we stopped we were returning from the NorthEast PEZ Gathering and, wouldn't you know it, Melanie is a PEZ fan! Melanie came out to our car to see all our goodies and we presented her with a Madagascar Penguin PEZ dispenser. The short time we spent chatting and visiting the Haines Shoe House was very enjoyable and we plan to stop again when we pass through the area. If you stop, tell Melanie that Peg and Bubba say, "Hi!"