A Trip to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and the Old Dutch Church

The recent Sleepy Hollow TV series on the FOX network got us interested in visiting the town of Sleepy Hollow in New York. We decided that we should make a road trip to the Old Dutch Church which inspired Washington Irving to write The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for which the TV series is based on. Right next to the Old Dutch Burying Ground is the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery where Washington Irving is buried.

Gate to Irving Family Graves

Washington Irving's Grave

The Sleepy Hollow Cemetery was incorporated in 1849 when the Old Dutch Church ran out of room. Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is an active cemetery spread over 85 acres. You may take photos for your personal use but please don't touch any of the grave markers or monuments. You can pick up a map at the cemetery office to help you find specific graves but I found it more enjoyable just to wander. There isn't much room to park so once you find somewhere to pull over you will need to walk anyways.

Entrance to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

You will find head stones spanning many years. Their designs range from the very simple to highly ornate.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Many of the monuments are spectacular. The craftsmanship is quite impressive.

Angel at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Monument at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Probably one of my favorite features about the cemetery are all the mausoleums. The older ones have vines and moss growing on them to make for wonderful textures.

Mausoleum at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Mausoleum at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Of course there are plenty of famous people buried here like William Rockefeller and Walter Chrysler.

William Rockefeller Mausoleum at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Entrance to Walter Chrysler's Mausoleum at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

One interesting grave site is that of Andrew Carnegie. It is very simple and you could easily overlook it if you weren't paying attention.

Andrew Carnegie Plaque

Andrew Carnegie's Gravesite

If you go to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery be sure to peek inside some of the mausoleums to see some beautiful stained and painted glass.

Over in the Old Dutch Church Yard you will find even older headstones.  These are all plain stones but interesting as well. The church was built in 1697.

Old Dutch Church

If you are looking for the Headless Horseman Bridge you are out of luck.  There is only a plaque at the spot where the bridge used to be on the road near the church.

Location of the Headless Horseman Bridge

If you decide to go to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery plan on spending several hours walking the peaceful roads. It is a beautiful place and well worth a trip.

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