Attending the Steel City PEZ Gathering

What do you get when you gather a bunch of PEZheads, PEZ vendors, and fantastic event hosts? A real good time! The second annual Steel City PEZ Gathering, a mini PEZ convention, was held at the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The sizable empty store location that the gathering was held in gave both vendors and attendees plenty of room to spread out.

Second Annual Steel City PEZ Gathering

The Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills

Over a dozen vendors brought items to sell from new to vintage. There were also a few non-PEZ items for sale like Klik dispensers.

Early morning at the Steel City PEZ Gathering

Deb fro Cheesey's Collectibles

A Tub of PEZ

Uncle Mark Hancock

Rick Marlowe did a great job acting as emcee (once he figured out the answers were on the back of the card for the trivia contest!).  We were lucky enough to pick one of the custom tie-dyed bunnies as a door prize from the goody pile to add to the neat convention dispenser.

Rick Marlowe

The Prize Table at Steel City PEZ Gathering

Custom Steel City PEZ Gathering Dispensers

We had a real good time and Peg was able to add some missing items to her PEZ collection. A great big thank you goes out to Phil Norrell, Brant Norrell, Judy Rosenfeld-Wisniewski, and Eric "Pezburgh Punk". We hope they invite us back for the third annual Steel City Gathering.

Phil Norrell, Brant Norrell, Judy Rosenfeld-Wisniewski, and Eric "Pezburgh Punk"

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