Road Trip Day 4–Pioneer Auto & Prairie Town

I like junk. For some reason old rusty junk just fascinates me. So when we saw what was in the 39 buildings that make up the Pioneer Auto and Prairie Town in Murdo, South Dakota I was very happy. There are close to 300 unrestored old cars, motorcycles, and trucks everywhere here and many are ones I have never seen before. It is sort of like a huge barn find. All the vehicles are housed in little more than sheds that add to the charm of this place.





There are also displays of toys and of course rocks plus several of the buildings depict old town stores and businesses. It is like walking back I time. I decided to shoot some of these in black and white because it just felt right.



If you like old unrestored stuff you will definitely enjoy yourself here. I would suggest you stay away from the restaurant though. But, do take time to have some fun!


Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.