Jeddo Coal Company 85 at the South Carolina Railroad Museum

We were off on another adventure for this warm Spring day. This road trip had us traveling to Winnsboro, South Carolina, and the South Carolina Railroad Museum to take a ride on a steam train.

Jeddo Coal Company 85 Steam Engine at the SC Railroad Museum

Jeddo Coal Company 85, known as "Mack", is a 0-4-0T saddle tank engine built by Vulcan Iron Works in 1928, for the A.E. Dick Construction Company. The Gramling Locomotive Works owns Mack and takes the little locomotive to various railroad locations each year.

There really isn't much to do at the South Carolina Railroad Museum since most of their equipment isn't easily accessible.

We did, however, enjoy our short trip on the Rockton, Rion, and Western Railroad. We even had a brief bit of excitement from a small brush fire that was started by the steam locomotive. Luckily, it was extinguished quickly. I guess that's the hazard of coal-fired steam engines during a dry spell.

The South Carolina Railroad Museum is a nice visit if you want to relax on the train ride. Skip this one if you don't want to spring for the excursion. You can see more of our trip photos over on my photo site: