Cass Railfan Weekend - Photos of the Durbin Rocket

The Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association set up a few photo runbys of the Durbin Rocket on Thursday afternoon during the Cass Railfan Weekend. This was our first time during the long weekend to photograph a steam train. The Durbin Rocket is a Climax engine built for the Moore-Keppel Lumber Company in 1910 and now runs passengers along the Greenbrier River out of Durbin, WV.

We all had a great time riding this fabulous old steam engine. The open passenger cars allowed for unobstructed views of the scenery.

We were running a bit late so we weren't able to run the whole line and we only had two runby locations to photograph. This wasn't really a bad thing as everyone was getting very tired by this point in a long day of chasing trains.

Old Climax #3 backed down the line next to the road to drop us off at our dinner served by the Bartow Frank Durbin Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company. While everyone was queuing up for chow I was happily snapping just a few more photos of the Durbin Rocket.

The Durbin Rocket is a great little train excursion and it is perfect for those who don't have a lot of time to spend. The ride is just around 2 hours in length. Check out more of our photos over on our photo site: BG Customs Photography.