Arenacross Racing Action at Motorama Events

So what is arenacross? Arenacross is motocross racing indoors! Every year in February I look forward to the Motorama Events Races and Shows for the arenacross action. Held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show building in Harrisburg, PA, this event draws thousands of spectators into the main arena. Both two wheeled and four wheeled riders from around the nation compete in over 2 dozen classes on both Saturday and Sunday. Up to 20 racers at a time battle the course which is about the size of a football field.

Motorama ArenacrossMotorama Arenacross

The four wheel classes have the biggest challenge as they race into the first corner that is only 10 feet wide! A series of dirt jumps bring the riders close to the spectators. Past the next turn is where the racers can catch some good air. It’s great fun watching and every seat in the house is a good one.
Thomas Craig competes in 4W Open C at Motorama

Bobby Nace and Derek Ernest at MotoramaPatrick Manley at Motorama Arenacross

Ken Kaminski at Motorama Arenacross

The bike and pit bike classes are even quicker. Classes are based on age, motor size, and skill level. Watching these guys and gals speed around the dirt track at Motorama will get your heart pumping as you cheer for your favorite rider.

Motorama Arenacross RacingMotorama Arenacross Racing

Derek Sims at Motorama Arenacross

Arenacross racing at Motorama is a fun way to spend the weekend. If you go next year, be sure to get there early as the crowds can be huge and all 8800 seats in the main arena will be filled!