Hunting for Treasure at Fall Carlisle

Sometimes Bubba’s Garage just goes to the Fall Carlisle Collector Car Swap Meet & Corral just to look. Currently, we don’t have any projects in the garage that require parts. So that meant that we could enjoy just being out. You can walk for hours and be shopping for nothing. In my opinion, these are the best kind of outings. Still, I force everyone to get up early to watch the sun come up and to get a parking space close to the gates just in case.


We were at the gates at 7am sharp when the Carlisle Events opened. Unfortunately, we beat most of the vendors so we had a little time to kill. That’s not hard to do and we made a beeline over to the main building to pick up a good hot breakfast. Inside, a number of high quality collectible vendors were selling a wide variety of car related merchandise.


Outside it was cold and wet. But you know what they say, “You can’t have rainbows without a little rain.”  Peg did her best to convince me to bring home another little car. She liked the 1963 Mini Cooper but really wanted the 1960 Morris Minor Traveler. No Sale.


We wandered up and down most of the 150 acres that make up the Carlisle Fairgrounds. There were many open spots left for this years gathering. The number of vendors at many of the shows we go to is still down. Heck, even we don’t sell at shows much anymore because not many people are buying. Still we had fun rummaging and we did manage to pick up a few decorations for the garage including a runway light (don’t ask).


Get off the couch and do something this weekend!