Potomac Edison Does a Great Job!

Boom and out goes the lights! Grumble, grumble, call the power company.  This is how our Friday night started. Less than 30 minutes after Peg made the call, our whole front yard was lit up by floodlights and the sound of chainsaws was echoing up the mountain.  What we thought was a transformer blowing-up was actually a tree falling right next to our house.



The tree barely missed hitting our house; it fell between the side driveway and the heat pump. But, when it fell it took out the power lines. After some struggling to pull new lines through all the trees, the Potomac Edison crew had the lights back on. The total outage was less than 1 hour.  I was really impressed with how quick they worked as a team to restore power. Good job guys!


As soon as it was light enough to see in the morning, I surveyed the damage. The power crew had cut the main trunk into manageable size logs but there was still a lot of big branches to deal with. So how do you cut up logs at 6am without waking your neighbors? You whip out your cordless electric chainsaw of course! Oregon makes a great 40V chainsaw called the PowerNow. About all you hear when this puppy is running is the sound of the chain scraping across the bar. It has enough power to get through a 6-8 inch log just fine making it great for yard cleanup projects. I have had mine for a little over a year and I am extremely happy with it.