Ordering the Fiat 500C

Well, it has been over a year since we purchased a vehicle so it was due to happen. Peg decided she wanted to check out the new Fiats. Safford Fiat of Tysons Corner is our closest dealer so we drove to their lot.


Braving all the construction that is taking place for the new Metrorail is not to be taken lightly. Tysons traffic has always been a bear but even more so now that the Metrorail is being built down the middle of Leesburg Pike. Try to ignore it and move on.

Safford’s car lot was full of shiny new Fiats. The 500s come in 14 different colors and Safford had at least one of every color. But they only had one 500C! And, of course that is what Peg would ultimately decide needed to come home with us. We went inside the “Studio” to meet with our Fiat Specialist, Sarah Schroeder. I was very impressed with her knowledge of her product and she took the time to explain all the features of the different models. Since I am 6’ 4” tall and weigh 325 I had to try on several of the little cars. The 500C (“C” is for cabrio or convertible) has the most headroom. The other 500 models left only about 1/2” between the roof and my brain. Shoulder room is okay in all models as well as legroom so I gave Peg the okay to purchase one. After running around to a bunch of different models on the lot to choose colors (the website is way off for the actual car colors) and options we ordered exactly what Peg wanted. In 6 to 8 weeks she should have her Bianco Perla Fiat 500C Lounge.

If you decide to purchase from Safford, I highly recommend asking for Sarah.