Road Trip – Lincoln Highway


The stretch of the Lincoln Highway (Rt. 30) between Rt. 15 and Interstate 81 has several fun places to explore and we stopped at a couple of them on our way home from York. One of our favorite excursions happens to be Desert Flower Wholesale, Inc. just west of Gettysburg, PA. Over the years we have purchased many statues and nick-knacks from this awesome store. On this trip we managed to get out with only some bears and a bird even though Peg really wanted the large cat! It’s easy to kill close to an hour wandering around this place. Further up the road is Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum and Store in Orrtanna, PA. We had great timing as this was Mr. Ed’s Grand Re-Opening weekend. (A fire had damaged the museum last year) You can find a good collection of current PEZ dispensers here along with bulk packaged items. Oh, and of course the Elephant Museum.