Visit the Haines Shoe House for Ice Cream

One of our favorite places to stop for ice cream is the Haines Shoe House near York, PA. Since this was the last weekend of the season we did the roadtrip for our last ice cream fix until it reopens in the Spring next year. We joined up with my sister for this outing which made it even a little more special.

Haines Shoe House
After visiting with one of the owners, Melanie Schmuck, we decided to take the tour. I thought it would be super tiny inside but it was actually okay even for my 6' 4" height. You get to visit all the rooms except for the observation deck which isn't open for safety reasons. The tour is worth the price just to learn the history of the unusual house and to get a peek at how it was built.

The kitchen in the Haines Shoe House

The bones of the Haines Shoe House

Stained glass windows in the Haines Shoe House

One of the bathrooms in the Haines Show House

Bulldog carvings in the Haines Shoe House

Check out more photos from the outside of the Shoe House from an earlier blog post.