Exploring the Battery Trail - School House Ridge South, Harpers Ferry, WV

It warmed up just long enough for Peg and I to get out of the house and venture over to Harpers Ferry Battlefield for a walk. We decided to explore School House Ridge South. To the right of the small parking area, off of Millville Road, is what is called Courtney's Battery Trail.

School House Ridge South

This 1.2 mile walk leads to a battery of cannons and another view of the surrounding heights illustrating Confederate tactics in 1862. You can find a map of the area on the National Park Service's website.

While the school house was destroyed during the civil war, the ruins of the Allstadt Farm House can still be seen. John Thomas Allstadt was the last survivor of John Brown's raid. He died in 1923 at the age of 83.

Allstadt Farm House ruins

Allstadt Farm House ruins

There is also another spooky looking old house on the battlefield park. 

Courtney's Battery Trail is a nice short walk where you can enjoy some wildlife and take in some history at the same time.

Split rail fence at School House Ridge South