Road Trip: Visiting Pedro at South of the Border

If you have ever driven through North Carolina or South Carolina you have probably seen them. "Pedro No Shoot Ze Bool", "Pedro's Fireworks. Does Yours?", "You Never Sausage a Place" are but a few of the billboard sayings on interstate highways all pointing towards South of the Border in Hamer, South Carolina. Today there are around 175 billboards from the Georgia Border to the Virginia Border but at one time there where more than 250 scattered from Daytona Beach, Florida all the way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

South of the Border, South Carolina

This tourist stop (trap?) was first started in 1949 by Alan Schafer. It started as a beer stand to service the North Carolina dry counties to the north. Now it's a fun collection of cheesy statues, souvenir shops, fireworks stands, and eateries.  Roadside attractions were once king.  It is so nice to still be able to visit Pedro as the staff tries hard to maintain the facilities.

Pedro's Mexico Shop

Pedro at South of the Border

Unfortunately it was too windy when we arrived at South of the Border and the iconic 20-story tall sombrero observation tower was closed. We did however walk under the 97-foot Pedro. The "Big Man" weighs 77 tons and requires more than 4 miles of wires to power the lights that illuminate him up at night.

Pedro "Big Man" at South of the Border

Of course you have to stop in at least one of the cheesy Mexican themed stores. The prices tend to be on the high side but all the colors are sure to put a smile on your face.

A Shop at South of the Border

Shot Glasses at South of the Border

Sugar Skulls at South of the Border

Hump Day!

Take the time to stop. Get some gas.  Stretch your legs. Maybe visit the reptile house or ride a Jack-a-lope. South of the Border is a required stop for any road trip that comes near.