South Mountain Creamery Visits Bubba’s Garage

There is nothing like fresh milk delivered right to your doorstep. When we discovered South Mountain Creamery in Middleton, MD would deliver to Bubba’s Garage we immediately called to be added to their route. South Mountain Creamery began making milk deliveries in 2001 and have expanded to include a variety of local items including beef, pork, chicken, cheese, goat, and bread.


From when I was a small kid, I remember the metal box that sat just outside the entry door at my grandparents house. This was used by the milkman to make deliveries. South Mountain Creamery will sell you a large insulated box of your own that they will then fill with all sorts of farm fresh goodness. How cool is that!? It’s like stepping back in time. We have scheduled reoccurring deliveries of milk and eggs but we use their website to add one time purchases.  About the only thing you really need to think about is bread orders. If you want to add a bread order to your delivery you must give at least 5 days notice. So far everything that we have tried is fantastic.


Check out their website to see if you are within their delivery area. Their products are sure to put a smile on your face.