Import and Kit Car Nationals the best show at Carlisle?

What’s your favorite car show? I am not sure I really have a true favorite but the Import and Kit Car Nationals at Carlisle definitely rates near the top. The car show is held each Spring at the 150-acre fairgrounds in Carlisle, PA. It might not be the biggest nor does it draw many top dollar builds but it is very enjoyable. This year’s atmosphere was once again relaxed and laid-back making spending the day here a dream.

There are always a good selection of kit cars to look at on the fairgrounds. And, if you are interested in building your own, vendors like Factory Five Racing were on hand to help you out. Their GTM Supercar kit is really beautiful.


Factory Five RacingFactory Five Racing GTM Supercar

Do you like dune buggies? This is one of the biggest East Coast gatherings of buggies. You could find Meyers Manx, EMPI Imp, Dearborn Deserter, and other models stamped on these fun fiberglass toys.

Dune Buggies at CarlisleDearborn Deserter

Dune BuggyDune Buggy

Dune BuggyDune BuggyDune BuggyDune Buggy

Dune BuggyEMPI Imp Dune Buggy

Want something fun to drive while soaking up some sun? How about a Porsche Speedster kit car? You could find many on hand to make you smile.

Porsche Speedster kit carPorsche Speedster kit car reflectionPorsche Speedster kit cars at Carlisle

Over on the import side of the show field were a number of quirky foreign rides. Christopher Meccia brought his 1978 KG Farfadet, Nauss Automtive had a 1950 Citroen Traction Avant, and Leslie Wood III drove a 1971 Citroen DS onto the field.

1978 KG Farfadet1950 Citroen Traction Avant1971 Citroen DS

Peg and I both fell in love with a little 1960 Fiat Autobianchi owned by Ron Keenen. This was our favorite car of the show.

Ron Keene's 1960 Fiat Autobianchi

The friendly car owners and cars that you just don’t see everyday are the major draws for me at this show. If you only attend one car show a year, you should really consider this one.