Furball - AKA Furby - Our Maine Coon


Sometimes our old cat thinks she is a kitten. I really don’t mind most of the time but lately she has been transforming in the middle of the night. She will start by singing up a storm and then she usually follows with a round of smack the toilet bolt cover across the wood floors. She doesn’t like cat toys but leave a twisty-tie on the floor and it’s gone. This weekend we put up the Christmas tree and she invented a new game, “Attack from the Forest.” She hides under the tree, which is quite a feat for this 18lb. monster, then attacks anyone that happens to walk by. Furby is the grumpiest cat we have ever owned. She absolutely does not like visitors. If she hears a baby on the television she will growl. I guess she is like me in that way. Just because she has loads of personality I guess we’ll keep her.