Cruising for PEZ

Renninger's Market in Kutztown, PA

Peg inside Crystal Cave
The nature walk through Crystal Cave forest

One of the many stuffed animal display at Cabela's in Hamburg, PA

Peg sends a photo of the rhino to one of her colleagues in Africa
We are always looking for places to drive. This weekend's cruise in the Taurus SHO was to Renninger's Market in Kutztown, PA for The Purple Cow's PEZylania 4. The drive from our place is just a bit over 3 hours. We spent less than an hour at the PEZ gathering and spent way more money than we had planned on but it was only because the selection was very good. Inside the market we spent even more money and had these awesome Buffalo Chicken Pretzel wraps. Yum!

Back on the road, we decided to check out Crystal Cave which was also in Kutztown. This was a bit of a disappointment. There weren't very many formations and it was pretty crowded. I would say pass on this one unless you are really bored. The nature trail was the only saving grace for the place. This short little walk is through a collection of different pine trees.

About 12 miles down the road from the Cave is one of our favorite stops. Cabela's, in Hamburg, PA, awesome place to explore. There are aquariums with fresh water fish, tons of stuffed animals, and even a shooting gallery. We have been here over half a dozen times and it still excites us. Be sure to try some of the exotic meats in the  cafeteria! Our little cruise lasted a bit over 12 hours but driving is what owning a car is all about.