Rocks in the Head

This weekend was all about jewelry once again. We headed out to Lebanon, PA for the Gem Miner's Jubilee on Saturday. It was a good show with lots of great raw materials available and Peg scored a couple of nice pieces to add to her collection including the pictured citrine geode for real cheap. Sunday selling at the Mountain Community Marketplace really was bad; we had no sales. Summertime slow down is kicking our butts. We broke down quickly after closing and ran over to the International Gem and Jewelry Show over in Chantilly, VA to pick up some supplies. The G&J Shows have really gone downhill lately. They are now letting vendors sell all kinds of crap at these shows and I mean crap. There are quite a few vendors selling cheap imported goods which have nothing to do with jewelry. Luckily our few regular vendors were still there so we stocked up on supplies. Christmas is coming. Oh, did I just say that....

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