Things to do in Seattle - Seattle Aquarium

Who doesn't love a good aquarium? Located on Pier 59 in Seattle, Washington, the Seattle Aquarium isn't just about fish. You actually may find the marine mammals area one of the most entertaining of the entire aquarium. If nothing else you can't deny that the harbor seals are very cute.

Harbor seal at the Seattle Aquarium

But, maybe not the cutest. The river otters will give the seals a run for their money on the cuteness quotient.

River otter resting at the Seattle Aquarium

The aquarium even has a collection of shore birds. I spent a good ten minutes watching this Black Oystercatcher frantically cleaning itself in some running water. It was very funny to see it shaking like crazy to wash every part of its body. It barely stood still just long enough for me to snap a photo.

Black Oystercatcher at the Seattle Aquarium

The aquarium does a great job of teaching with many informative stations. If you want to learn what a starfish feels like be sure to head over to the touch pool and tide pool areas.

Tide pool at the Seattle Aquarium

We haven't shown you any fish yet! Of course the Seattle Aquarium has fish. Some of the most colorful ones are found in their Pacific Coral Reef exhibit.

The admission to the Seattle Aquarium isn't cheap but maintaining such a nice facility isn't either. It's definitely worth a visit. After all, how often will you get to see Giant Pacific Octopus?