Monkey Business

We "adopted" a chimpanzee (Melody) from "Save the Chimps" to be our unofficial mascot for the garage. Ain't she cute? Save the Chimps rescues chimps that have been mistreated and allows them to live the rest of their lives living peacefully. If you are looking for an animal rescue organization to donate to then Save the Chimps is a worthy cause.

The Big Guy Goes to the Little Guy Nationals

So I thought it was about time to run away from house chores and work to just enjoy a day. Peg said I could do anything I wanted to on Saturday since it was "my day." We loaded up her HHR Panel Truck and headed off to the Virginia Motorsports Park outside Petersburg, VA to watch some of the action at the Little Guy Nationals nostalgia drag race. What a blast! There was a great selection of cars 25 years old or older running down the track and a fair number of other cars at the car show to gawk at as well. Check out a few more of my photos over at

Almost like Christmas

We finally had a real good selling weekend. Since it was Mother's Day weekend Peg decided we needed to sell both days. On Saturday we did the Berryville Main Street Craft Market in Berryville, VA and had great day even though it was a little warm and threatening to shower on us. On Sunday we hit our usual spot at the Jefferson Biz Market and did even better. The total in sales for both days was rapidly approaching Christmas levels. But now we are totally pooped and need to replace inventory. Guess I'll be twisting metal most of the week.

Bun in the oven

More cookin'! Bubba didn't get this size by not being able to cook. I had a hankerin' for some coconut so I whipped up a batch of coconut sweet buns over the weekend. They are made with coconut milk and shredded coconut. Yum. Picture was taken with my iPhone after I just shoved the buns into the oven. I still need to download the smell app.