Friday, August 9, 2013

Things to Do in Seattle - Argosy Cruises

A great and relaxing way to view the city of Seattle, Washington is by taking a cruise around Elliott Bay on one of the boats of Argosy Cruises' fleet. The Seattle Waterfront Harbor Sightseeing Tour Cruise takes about an hour to loop around the bay. You will get to see the Seattle skyline, the Space Needle, The Great Wheel, and maybe the ferries or massive cruise ships that work the port.

Argosy Cruises - Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington waterfront

Seattle, Washington waterfront

You will get to hear a good narration of the history of the city and, if you are lucky, a good selection of cheesy jokes. On a clear day this is absolutely the best way to capture that special snapshot of Seattle.

Seattle, Washington skyline

You feel so small when you cruise next to the massive cargo ships that dock in the shipyard. Keep your eyes open here for harbor seals that like to fish here as well.

Seattle Shipyard

Seattle Shipyard

The Seattle Waterfront Harbor Sightseeing Tour Cruise by Argosy Cruises is definitely a good way to get a first look at Seattle.

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