Getting Ready for Winter

Craftsman Professional 357cc 30" Two-Stage Snowblower

After last years massive amounts of snow I vowed to get myself a snowblower for the garage. But it couldn't be just any snowblower. After doing my research I found that the Craftsman model 88830 looked like it would do the job. This unit is capable of clearing a 30" path and has an intake height of 21". The 357cc 4-cycle OHV engine is pretty strong for the deep stuff. 16 x 6.5 X-TRAC tires look like they will give plenty of traction on the hills. With power steering, heated grips, and even a headlight, I may be out all night after the first snow!  Sears had the unit on sale for $250 off their regular price so this beast now sits quietly in my garage waiting for the first storm. It's a little weird buying a snowblower when the temps outside are still in the 90s.

What was I thinking...

Hunting for a bargain at Beadfest
You know something isn't right when they close off the mens' restroom and put up a sign that says "Women Only." The guys were outnumbered 50 to 1 at the latest Beadfest in King of Prussia this weekend. Peg and I were hunting some unusual pieces to use in our jewelry business. There was a great selection of normal supplies and we did purchase some neat silver and lampwork items. Peg even bought some tools and splurged on a vortex marble. If you are in to jewelry making, Beadfest is a must attend event.

Dead Frogs

Melted Gummy Frogs
I ordered an accessory for my camera flash from ExpoImaging and included in the shipping package was this bright green gel. What could it be? Being the guy that I am, I squished it a little and I still was puzzled. The answer came by way of a business card that was stapled to the bag. "Please enjoy these delicious gummy frogs." Oh no!  With the temperatures in the high 90s this clever little marketing gimmick had turned to mush; the little froggies had melted into a solid mass of goo. I had a real good laugh about it but I still wasn't going to eat them. I guess it is the thought that counts, right?

Berryville Craft Market

Peg is all smiles at the Berryville Craft Market

BG Customs jewelry booth

Vendors at the Berryville Craft Market
Every second Saturday of the month you will find BG Customs selling jewelry at the Berryville Craft Market. Peg and I started our company out of the garage. BG stands for Bubba's Garage. I create chainmaille jewelry and handle the books while Peg does everything else. It is something we can both do together and since I am still working with metal I don't have a problem with it. I let Peg play with the beads. Come visit us in Berryville  from 8am until noon each second Saturday of the month across from the Farmers' Market. Or, check out our website,,  for other locations that we will be selling.

Carlisle Truck Nationals

Ford F-150 Freedom Truck at the Carlisle Truck Nationals

One of over a dozen Vietnam Gun Trucks on Display

Peg watches the Off-road Demonstrations
We spent several hours at the Carlisle Truck Nationals on Saturday.The show, like most shows at Carlisle, was very enjoyable. The weather cooperated with temperatures in the mid 80s and low humidity. A real bonus this year was the display of Vietnam gun trucks.The guys that restore these vehicles did a great job. Check out my coverage over at