We knew the Summer Thunder Cruise-in on Saturday would be hot (in the 90's) so the decision as to what vehicle to drive basically boiled down to which of the rides had the best AC. And, since the Sonoma hadn't been anywhere this year I thought it would be good to run the old gas out of it. As usual Summer Thunder had a good variety of vehicles to look at but we only lasted a couple of hours before we wimped out and headed down the road for a cruise. I really like driving my cars as opposed to sitting around talking about them.

We're back...

We are just back from Pezamania '09, broke, tired, and with lots of goodies. Peg is a PEZ nut. She has an entire room just crammed with PEZ related stuff. We try to go to at least one PEZ convention a year and this time we went to Pezamania up in Independence, OH. It was a long trip but probably one of the bigger PEZ events we have attended over the years.

It's Great to be Me... Well at least for this morning.

I had to take some time off this week to try and keep myself from exploding. The stress of everything really has me on edge. On several occasion I have flown into a rage over the littlest of things. Not good. So, this morning I decided to drive around looking for some good places to take pictures. The sun was too high for any great shots but this HDR made me smile. Then it was off to Home Depot for a replacement light switch for one that went bad just when I was relaxing reading a book. Grrr. Breath... Calm....

The Name Game

There is a new market in town and it's name is known as the Mountain Community Marketplace. I have been working on a website for the group. It is still not complete but at least the navigation is functional. You can check us out at

Mountain Community Marketplace
Every Sunday from 11am - 2pm
58 Mission Rd, Harpers Ferry, WV