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Video - Feeding the Fish at Broadway on the Beach

One of our favorite things to do at Broadway on the Beach in Myrtle Beach, SC is to feed the fish. This huge population of carp is fattened by all the tourists who plunk down a quarter in the vending machines to grab a handful of fish kibble. All these mouths making sucking sounds that must be saying, “Feed me Bubba. Feed me!”VJKU3KAJ7ENX

Road Trip – Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Shop

Peg received a call from one of her PEZhead friends that Mr. Ed’s in Orrtanna, PA had just been stocked with the new Presidents set from PEZ. Since I don’t mind cruising Rt. 30, I grabbed my trusty iPhone for some snapshots and we were off. To illustrate how serious (crazy?) Peg is about her PEZ collecting, just remember that this is a 150 mile round trip for PEZ that will eventually be at our local Wal-Mart! But, Mr. Ed’s is a great place to pick up any current releases of PEZ and a fun little place to stop.Both inside and out, Mr. Ed’s has all kinds of quirky elephant collectibles scattered about. It is a great place to act a little “nuts” and pose with the props. They have a great selection of candies including some hard to find varieties that were once popular in the past.Since we were already on Rt. 30, you know we are going to swing by Desert Flower Wholesale. Just west of Gettysburg, PA, the shop has quite literary tons of concrete statues for sale and is open to the public. Wh…